Snowdrops, with spring in our souls

Delicate as you are.

At NVRLG we love all the seasons equally. But if there is a best time for new beginnings, that is spring. Nature wakes up, and snowdrops are the first to say “good morning”, with their delicate heads snapping the snow. Then there is no doubt the winter will not come back soon.

How then not dedicate an entire collection to these brave warriors? Not white, but colorful, because then, in spring, is when we start dreaming in colors. Very patient and attentive we cut and shape with fire every small petal in suede, that we assemble then in small snowdrops.

Wear them as earrings or necklaces from this collection, or mix them with Cherieselles or Serenity pieces for a more playful look.

Materials, techniques:

The 5 petals of each snowdrop are drawn and cut by hand in suede, then shaped with fire


earrings, necklaces


brass, antique bronze color


with Cherieselles and Serenity

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