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Give them a long life.

At NVRLG we stand for natural and sustainable, and natural and sustainable are the materials we use in the manufacturing process. We treat them gently from beginning to end and so hopefully you’ll treat them too to enjoy your little ones for a very long time. Here you can find some tips and tricks to keep your NVRLG items with you for a long time. For questions or concerns you cannot find answers to on this page, please email me at or using the contact form.


The main material I use in my work is repurposed old jeans denim (read here the reasons behind), most of it without elastane. I collect jeans locally, clean them up, recover any little usable piece of them (from fabric to thread and zippers), cut them according to my own patterns, embellish with manual techniques (embroidery, applique, sashiko) and assemble using a sewing machine. I love raggy edges so I use them a lot; the more you wear them, the more beautiful they become.

To keep your NVRLG denim items in great condition it is best to periodically wipe clean, with a soft clothing brush. If the product has leather applique elements, resume at only wiping clean. If it has a simple denim design, no leather included, consider washing it manually or at the machine, in cold water, with items of the same color, dry naturally and iron on the reverse side, if you like it ironed.

If your denim item includes leather applique details, please read leather care advice bellow, too.


Some of the items at NVRLG, such as bags, pouches or clothes, have lining. Most of the times, I use preloved cotton shirts for this, locally collected, cleaned and deconstructed. Other times, I treasure hunt for cotton fabrics in second-hand shops and dead stock warehouses. Each of these look good and will have a long and happy second life.

Please follow the denim care advices above for these, too.


Most of NVRLG jewelry and appliques are hand made using locally collected tiny leather workshops leftovers which would otherwise end up in the landfill. I respect the right to life of every being and I am deeply outraged by the way in which animals are raised and exploited for meat and skin, but I think and hope that, by turning suffering into something beautiful, I pay tribute to beings who cannot decide on their lives and replace pain with love and joy.

To keep your NVRLG leather jewelry in great condition it is best to hang them up or lay them in large enough boxes, so that they do not crumble, especially the 3D ones. If a flat earring or pendant gets bent, it can be flattened with a barely warm iron by covering the earring with a cloth or towel and lightly steaming the leather part of the earring (avoiding the hooks) to flatten it.

To keep your jewelry in best shape, please avoid wetting them. If they have watered, please let them dry naturally. Drying them at a heat source can cause damage to color, shape and texture. Store your jewelry outside of the bathroom and keep it clear from any water, makeup or hair products. Your NVRLG accessories should be the last thing you put on when getting ready for your day. And, however summery and beachy they look, please do not wear them when swimming!

All NVRLG jewelry is delivered in bags and boxes that protect them from sun and humidity. They are also waterproofed during the manufacturing process. You yourself can treat them with a leather protection spray from time to time, for shine and water resistance.

All the care advices for leather jewelry are also applicable to our leather appliques.


Hooks, chains, locks and other metal parts of NVRLG jewelry are made of safe nickel free metals: sterling silver, bronze and cooper. Please keep them away from water and other corrosive substances and clean them with solutions proper for each metal.

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