Cherieselles, our darlings

Cher… Chérie… Cherieselles.

All our darlings in one playful collection; this is Cherieselles. Why a métis one?  Because we love to play. And experiment. And mix the unmixable. This is how this collection came to light, as a mixture of our most colorful 3D leather pieces – already grouped in self-contained collections – and feminine Swarovski crystals.

Dangling bracelets in playful colors and combinations, and charming necklaces in vibrant colors, we’ve mixed them all in a collection meant to turn an ordinary day into a day of celebration. Cause you’re celebrating all the women in you, ma Cherie.

Wear each Cherieselles piece on its own or mix it with Snowdrops, Joy or Leathermonds pieces. Free your spirit! There is no way to be wrong. But there are plenty of ways to be right who you are: unique.

Materials, techniques:

All the leather charms are cut by hand in real leather, then shaped with fire and mixed together in colorful jewelry


necklaces, bracelets


brass, antique bronze color


within the same collection, or with Serenity, Snowdrops, Leathermonds or Joy pieces

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