Joy, for playful souls

Be all the colors in one at full brightness.

When handcrafting our jewelry pieces, we make sure they will be impregnated with best energies, thoughts and feelings. Dream with open eyes at lovely places, beautiful people and all the valuable things we believe in; all this while listening to good music. Enjoy every cut, shape and new tested technique and are full of happiness for every new success. We don’t work; we play. And we make it with great joy and gratitude.

This is also how this collection is made. Small colorful leather pieces, shaped and cut by hand and molded with fire techniques into playful 3D flowers; can you not love them? Wear them as they are, or mix them with Cherieselles pieces for a more complex look. Remember, NVRLG wants you to be whoever you like!

Materials, techniques:

The flower petals are drawn and cut by hand in fine genuine leather, then shaped with fire




brass, antique bronze color

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