Soaring, on the wings of wind

I’m a leaf, look how I soar.

We surely didn’t have enough with Trilogy. Our obsession with leaves gave birth to another collection. More settled in colors and closer to nature’s palette, but elegant and feminine. A collection about nostalgia, it takes you to soaring leaves in warm days of autumn, long walks, sun dancing on your cheeks and a huge smile on your face.

Sometimes is good to let things happen and just watch them with curiosity and serenity. Like when you hug a tree, with your eyes shut and your soul wide opened, imagining that your thoughtful thoughts are soaring with the wind, leaving you in peace, and light like a leaf.

Put on the earrings or the necklace in this collection and you’ll soar through daily topics and schedules.

Materials, techniques:

The leaves are drawn and cut by hand in genuine leather, double-sided, then shaped with fire


necklaces, earrings


brass, antique bronze and copper colors


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