Leaves Trilogy

Stay natur(e)al(l).

If there is something in the nature whose beauty stays almost the whole year, those are the leaves. From their beginning as buds in spring, through their youth in summer and till they reach their maturity in autumn, leaves make our souls dance. Green, yellow, orange, brown… they play in colors a game of joy. The collection celebrates these beauties, dedicating them an entire color palette. Go on, wear the nature the whole year in your favorite colors!

And because the versatile leaves love to play, we have played with sizes and colors. We are still playing… And not being able to stop at one version, when talking about earrings we have made a real trilogy: three models that can be worn separately or mixed with each other, letting you reflect your own personality as you wish, every single moment.

Be sure that necklaces and bracelets, with their colors and mixtures, will not disappoint you either. Wear one piece for a splash of color, or mix them no matter the metal (bronze, copper or silver) or the leather color for a cool look.

Materials, techniques:

Leaves are drawn and cut by hand in genuine leather, in three sizes, then shaped with fire


earrings, bracelets, necklaces


brass (in antique bronze and copper colors), sterling silver


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