Who Makes Your Products?

We can proudly confess that the entire collection is produced, from beginning to end, here in Romania, in our studio.

We draw, cut, shape, finish and package every item with love, positivity and patience. And always using old traditional handcraft techniques, from scissors cutting and shaping with water or fire to hand embroidering and sewing. Every NVRLG piece is then thoroughly inspected and lovingly packaged before it is shipped to you.

How often do you release new designs?

We wholeheartedly believe that jewelry and garments should be a timeless investment. As such, we don’t follow the typical fashion calendar but release new designs as inspirations strike. This is our way of ensuring that we are thoughtful with our intentions and process, making items that you will never want to let go.

What do the backs of the leather pieces in your jewelry look like?

They will differ slightly between styles; it is just the nature of working with leather. Often the backs are a shade lighter than the main color on the front, but can sometimes have a dark back or a white back. Or even you will find marks from fire shaping.

Product care

How do I clean and take care of my NVRLG product?

We get this question a lot from customers and have a special page dedicated to this. In a nutshell, when exposed to moisture, sun, chemicals, dirt and sweat, leather may change its color and aspect. The same happen with other materials that we use. Please keep an eye on our care advice page to always know how you can give a long life to your NVRLG products.


Why don’t you keep stocks?

First of all, because NVRLG is against waste. We use all the usable scraps, making the most of our materials till very small pieces. The clothes scraps become bags, the bags scraps become wallets, the wallets scraps become jewelry. Any stock product that nobody wants becomes waste, when maybe someone in this world would have wanted something else made of that leather. Furthermore, we invest a lot of work and love in our products; we would never feel comfortable with throwing them away.

Will you be restocking previous leather products or colors?

Yes! And no. Most of our products are limited edition; all items come with the number of Limited Edition, to know how many other identical items have been handcrafted. When you make a buy, you can see on the website, for each product, quantity in stock. It is not a real stock, but the number of pieces we can make of the leather we have.

Sometimes we are lucky to find new pieces of identical leather at our suppliers, but there are also times when we sell out of a leather and we are not able to restock it. Many of our leathers are limited so if you see a color that you love, purchase it before it sells out and if you are looking for an older style, keep checking back.


Do you make vegan leather products?

We do not make vegan leather products neither at this time, nor in the future. All the leather we use in our products is real leather, because of its unique qualities: it can be shaped with fire or water to get our beautiful 3D flowers and shapes, the textures are gorgeous and became even more beautiful with the time, the smell is unique.

Besides, while a few vegan leathers are cork- or kelp-based, the vast majority of faux leather has been around for ages, and is made of scary materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane and textile-polymer composite microfibers; none of them eco-friendly, if this is what you were hoping for.

Why don’t you use precious metals as silver or gold instead of brass?

NVRLG jewelry involves a lot of craftsmanship, and we really wanted to put together all that work and precious materials. We use Swarovski beads and semiprecious stones for almost all of our collections. And we wanted precious metals too, but leather and silver are not really compatible; they may look nice when new, but in time, silver gets black stains when in touch with leather… just as in touch with our skin, yes. But when mixed with leather, silver is not quite easy to clean without damaging the leather parts. For the jewelry that looks well mixed with a silver metal, we are thinking of stainless steel. We are testing this now and we will come back with new pieces.

We also love gold in jewelry, but gold and leather are not quite eye match and catch for us. Till now, nickel free brass in copper and antique bronze colors is our winner. If you are interested in other combinations or have extra sensitive skin when about metals, please get in contact with us and will find together the best solution for you.

Do you work with recycled materials?

As a nature-inspired brand, it is important to us that we respect and protect the environment. That means that we use all the usable scraps, making the most of our materials till very small pieces. The clothes scraps become bags, the bags scraps become wallets, the wallets scraps become jewelry.

More, we work with a lot of recycled materials; even have a whole product category called 2nd Life, with products made of high quality denim jeans and leather scraps. Percent of all the sales in this category go to a cause we support at a time: breast cancer prevention and recovery, children education, better life for elders, kids and animals etc. See here more about the things we believe in.


Why doesn’t my order ship right away?

As a small self-funded business, we do not hold much product inventory. That means we start making your item(s) when we receive your order.

Depending on the piece, the production process can take as little as 3 business days, or up to one week. Please contact us  for a more precise timing estimate. Rest assured that we will do our very best to meet your needs!

I lost one of my earrings! Can I order just one?

Leather is a natural material, so each pair of our leather earrings is unique in texture and color, making it difficult to match new leather to older leather.  For that reason, we don’t sell single earrings, but if you email us at, be sure we’ll figure out the best way to help you.

Do you take custom orders?

There is a lot going on here at NVRLG and very few people, which makes it difficult to accommodate custom orders. We are, however, very interested in knowing what you have in mind, so send us an email at We’ll see what we can do!


Where can I shop your products in person?

For 2019 we made the decision to focus on growing our direct to customer online channels, a shift that will also allow us to provide you better value with less markups and waiting times. Please check our site from time to time to see new stockists in our list.

We will also occasionally participate in craft fairs in big cities in Romania and abroad, which are always announced via our Instagram and Facebook accounts and newsletter, but you can also check here for news.

Do you have any sales?

You will hardly find sales at us, because our prices will always be fair and will reflect the amount of work involved. More, we will never push you buy more than you need by campaigns designed to induce you false needs. We are committed to providing you with quality garments and jewelry at the best value, everyday.

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