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Sustainability and circularity

Using what has already been used, celebrating old craftmanship and reinventing relationship with things

The belief NVRLG is built around is that the only chance for humanity to survive is to:

USE what we HAVE,
EMBELLISH and UPDATE what is no more “us”.

Making NEW of OLD.

The circular initiatives around here include mending tutorials, DIY workshops and reusing recovered fabrics and small studios leftovers.

The most sustainable garment is the one already in your closet.
If it suffered an accident, repair it.
If you’re bored of it, upgrade it.
If it’s so damaged that is no more wearable as it is, upcycle it.
Do anything it’s possible, comfortable and enjoyable for you to reuse that garment as much time and as many times as possible so it be justified its birth and thrown to this world.
We all deserve a meaning in life, whether we are beings or things

Reuse | Upcycled Materials, Leftover Scraps and Deadstock

Everything we no longer need and get rid of ends up somewhere closer or further away from us, but still in our extended garden, Earth. We locally collect old garments, clean them up, recover any little usable piece of them (from fabric to thread), and give them a new life. Inspired by nature, we then embellish them all with leather scrap appliques and hand embroidery. Sometimes we also use deadstock fabrics for linings. And a lot of love and hope for more conscience in daily gestures.

NVRLG Materials

Repair | Creatively Mended Pieces

Mending is sewing a never endless story of a product. With a needle and thread, you’re the writer who can choose to end the story or make it a series. There are a lot of suitable mending options from all over the world, from sashiko repair and darning to patching and appliqué, that I myself enjoy discovering and trying. And that “I made it”, “I saved something” when you wear the result is so so satisfying.

NVRLG Inspiration

Transform | Your old darlings into new ones

Why start a new relationship before trying anything you can to make the best of the one you already are in? Just because consumerism thought us so, that we need more to be somebody? Reality is that we don’t need much to be. So why not consider a treasure hunting into what we already have and once loved, and become curious of what it might become? With small supplies, pants become skirts, jackets turn into hats, dresses transform into bags. You can do your magic inspired by our blog posts, we can work together in our workshops or I can do it for you.

NVRLG Community

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