For all the right reasons.

NVRLG is our acronym for NeVeR Let Go, a slow design brand of thoughtfully handcrafted genuine leather jewelry launched in 2018, but dreamed and planned for eight years. The collections are proudly handcrafted in Romania, from the highest quality natural materials, through elaborate techniques. Limited quantities are produced at a time by a handful of people, guaranteeing so that each piece is made and hand finished to perfection.

Our Mission


Practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail are at the forefront of our philosophy.

1/ By striving to create thoughtful, well-designed, and long-lasting pieces that can be worn a myriad of ways, we aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive. In a world of consumerism, to return to the days of a minimal and functional wardrobe is our hope.

2/ You will hardly find sales at us, because our prices will always be fair and will reflect the amount of work involved. More, we will never push you buy more than you need by campaigns designed to induce you false needs.

3/ No seasonal collections, but garments for a lifetime. We believe in mindful, careful consumption. In reducing waste, in creating long-lasting garments that serve many needs so you can buy fewer of them and wear them independently of season, trends and style; they should fit those all.

4/ You can enjoy endless collections that will stay on as long as you wish them and we have materials for them. Here nothing ends in one season: collections, ideas, values or dreams. All have to stay for a long time… a lifetime. Check the new arrivals for each collection, because we never stop dreaming about any of our collections. And have patience; we will often talk about things you don’t find yet on the site. This is only because we dream faster that we can project them into reality.

“Feel good in your skin” is always about self acceptance.
But at NVRLG we also take the expression mot a mot in our lives: consider all the garments we put on us as a second skin.
We want to feel free, comfortable and joyful.
And we want to keep our values: all the good things that one should never let go. Because those are hard to find and easy to lose.

What Are We Made Of

We like to play.

We love to touch, dream and mix sometimes even the unmixable. We use simple lines but elaborate techniques to give birth to unique and small series full of personality products. Put a big smile on your face when you start your journey on our site; at NVRLG, you’ll find color and fantasy in everything. Boredom is strictly forbidden!

We love freedom, in body and spirit.

What you wear should never be a cage. We are for comfortable cuts and lightweight natural materials. Linen, cotton and genuine leather (only from animals sacrificed for meat: sheep, goat and cow) are our babes. Put on a NVRLG garment, close your eyes and feel as a goddess touched by a fragrant breeze.

We sew the story around family.

Building a healthy business and a beautiful family at the same time is sometimes impossible.  Building a business with family help is magic. Sewing, crops, appliqués, embroideries and cutouts are all made by hand in our workshop, by a handful of people: a daughter that dreams faster that can draw on paper, a boyfriends always offering the best advises and technical support, a mother keeping up with every handcrafting process, a father blindly believing and investing since this was just a dream, and the memory of grandpas doing crafts: embroidery, hand sew, crochet, knit and precious metals jewelry.

We hate waste.

That’s why we use all the usable scraps, seeing treasures in what factories call “garbage”. We make the most of our materials till very small pieces and buy others. The clothes scraps become bags, the bags scraps become wallets, the wallets scraps become jewelry. Nothing is wasted almost.

Second chance is 2nd life.

Consumerism is no longer in vogue. Conscious and assumed people buy in a conscious and assumed way. Humans started making the most of food, clothes, home space (and even relationships). Not for greed or poverty, but for fair and healthy values.

At NVRLG, we stand for durable products. But we have also found joy in handcrafting garments out of repurposed and reclaimed materials. Bags came first, then journals, espadrilles and home deco; keep in touch to see our 2nd life products coming to light category by category. A clue: we love mixing good quality used jeans and leather from old jackets.

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