The dream of a dreamer... my dream.

I’m Cris, the dreamer and the maker of NVRLG. I graduated Journalism at the Bucharest University of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Romania, and also have a Marketing Master degree, all this making me build a career in Marketing and Public Relations.

I had no background in fashion till two years ago, when I attended a one year technical design course in Timisoara, more for making clothes to myself than to others.

In fact, all I’ve ever learnt in my life was intended to make my life nicer and easier, but it turned to be not a new professional direction, but a new obsessive dream: creating and handcrafting simple, natural and versatile goods for complex and life caring women. A calling for natural materials, well-done goods, and practical wearable beauty were enough to set my hands in motion.

Cristina Costache

Professional background: from boys’ to girls’ camp

In the latest decade I was a communication professional – marketing and public relations –, with most of my latest career deployed in IT companies, both hardware resellers and software developers.

Spending, so, the last nine years among men and technical stuff, I felt the need to develop my feminine side in my spare time. After hours of technical presentation writing or mobile apps website development, I went home and lost myself into cutting, and sewing, embroidering and so on. Once discovered this part of me, I felt so comfortable with it that I decided to take this road. I left “the boys camp” and got into this train full of color, joy and sometimes craziness.

I kept some men features (straight and simple lines), and gave them a feminine tone (color and shapes). And I do all this with the heart of a child.


Birth of a collection

It all begins with a dream, an image, a trip, a person, a material, a color or a print… I use to explore the materials at hand, often driven by their characteristics and relationship to one another, in a strive to balance aesthetic form with usability.

I am...

I am all those moments that shaped me as I am now: my childhood in Drobeta Turnu Severin (a beautiful small Romanian town on the Danube), my mother baking cookies to Julio Iglesias music, my grandpa learning to handcraft gold and silver jewelry by himself while singing Romanian traditional music with my grandma at their country house, my engineer father taking me with him to construction works so I can now still tell by heart all the construction phases of a building or road, the farm of my other grandpas with all those dog cages I was crafting when not making willow wood arcs and rush arrows with my boys, while also stealing embroidery, croquet and knitting techniques from all that talented women in my life.

I am joy, and dance, and Rob Thomas music played repeatedly in my car when taking new roads, but also a nostalgic ex football goalkeeper in my primary school team or a Tomboy beating all those nasty boys in my class.

Where is the “perfect girl” in all these stories? Nowhere; I’m a mix of genders, and roles, and passions. And I am for life all the things I am stubborn in letting go: family, joy, values, friendship, good music, birth place, childhood memories, people care, big dreams, spirituality, worthy people, laughter, humanity, incurable hope…

So… welcome to my store, where… in an amalgam of moods, and dreams, and passions… I hope you’ll find THAT THING to fall in love with and never let go!

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