We believe in the beauty of the journey.

Natural materials, traditional techniques and all the right reasons

An acronym for “NeVeR Let Go” – a concept that we deeply believe in when talking about values and all the good things in life, NVRLG is a slow design brand of thoughtfully handcrafted leather accessories. Driven and inspired by our love for natural materials, we create unique and small series pieces for a lifetime, grouped in nonseasonal collections for all the women in you.

Join and enjoy!

This is...

For a perfect piece of art, one needs the best canvas, best paints, best brushes, best light, best techniques and best mood. We don’t pretend to make pieces of art, but only items that you will never let go. And for this, we always choose the best materials, just natural ones, and use the best traditional and new techniques to get the best of those.

... how our products...

Every birth comes after a long pregnancy.  All our “children” are imagined, designed, cut and assembled under one roof, by a handful of people. We ask you for patience just the way we bring them to life: with all the patience in the world. You will surely appreciate our attention to details and fall in love with our little ones, when having in your hand your long awaited one.

... are brought to life.

We believe in “quality over quantity” life concept. In reducing waste by transforming even the smallest material pieces into lovely garments, in creating versatile products to fit as many occasions as possible, in making long lifespan products, in using unconventional techniques to give new shapes, textures and functionalities to materials. All by hand.

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